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作者: louisyfwang    時間: 2013-3-6 15:04     標題: USB_Focus

You may be interested in this if you are searching a motorfocuser solution:
It only costs US$99 with motor, controller and temperature sensor.It’s really much cheaper than RoboFocus (over US$400).  For other motor focuser features, it’s similarto RoboFocus:
- Stepper motor with 8,000 steps per turn
- Only need to connect with USB only, no need to connect with aserial COM port and 12v power.
- Can work with FocusMax with ASCOM standard

作者: pangea    時間: 2013-4-18 11:55


USB_Focus kit for FSQ106 is :
- 1 USB controler and temperature probe
- 1 motor and reducer
- 1 flexible coupler, 8mm diameter
- 1 large bracket (3mm thickness and black anodized) this bracket comes non-bend (flat). So that you can adapt it directly to your refractor
- 1 external power supply
- hex key and screws

Regarding motor, 2 configurations are possible depending on how heavy is your imaging train (ccd, filter wheel..) 7v or 12v.

Please let me know how heavy is or will be your imaging set up.

Some customers feedbacks with 12v motor (in French) :

With 12v motor and power supply expect $329 (up to 4kg with FSQ106)
With 7v motor and power supply expect $229 (max 2kg with FSQ106)

Shipping to Taiwan $32 (tracked and insured) we can propose non tracked/insured $20.

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