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標題: [相機] 各廠牌CCD比較 [打印本頁]

作者: rogerrao    時間: 2010-11-23 11:09     標題: 各廠牌CCD比較



FLI - best camera and most expensive. Easily does -60C from ambient and fastest readout while maintaining low noise. Even on the nights in the 70s (F) I could shoot at -35C. Take darks in your house at room temperature running at -35C! This camera is very heavy compared to others!

QHY - Has good cooling and overall seems to be quite a good camera based on the number of images. Also seems the dew problems that plague QHY8 cameras are not a problem. Support involves sending equipment back to China but seems like people have had good repair experiences.

Atik 383L - as far as I know this camera is being redesigned due to supply issues - anyone heard anything recently? Otherwise seemed a good camera but Atik isn't very established in the USA yet.

SXV-H18 - I've owned SXV cameras and Terry Platt is a great person to deal with if you have problems. This is their first camera with a shutter so I'm curious how it works over time.

Orion - Haven't seen much on this one but it seems to me its expensive for an Orion product compared to the established cameras its competing with.

SBIG - This to me seems to be the best bang for the buck. Its been tested by photon transfer curve analysis and it did well. Doesn't have the cooling of a FLI or QHY - but seems to have enough cooling except for someone imaging in the SouthWest in the summer.

QSI - Has some nice features like the integrated OAG. But its expensive and doesn't have as good as cooling as some others. Has an insanely slow readout (20+ seconds) which no one else suffers from. The excuse is to produce low noise but when tested it doesn't really stand out from the crowd. Not sure why they haven't corrected the design by now?? Will vignette on faster OTAs.

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